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Anna Shmel

 Started studying art and art history at age of 10, Anna began to study photography after her family moved to India. She was so inspired by all the colors, and interesting faces in India, and realized that what she was really passionate about was photography.  Anna picked up a camera to capture the energy of the Indian flea market, and never looked back.

Since moving to New York she follows her passion for portrait photography. Channeling years of experience in the fashion industry Anna’s signature style is minimalist aesthetic and sophisticated use of lighting what reflects in timeless editorial look photograph.  

Anna’s perfectionism in combine with intuition and bold vision helps her to capture unique images that celebrate soul and “effortless beauty”.

By pressing the shutter of a camera Anna is not only “taking a picture”, but also is expressing her personal life experience, gained by traveling the World and meeting new people.


Anna’s mission is to create art that personal and meaningfull for every client.

Experienced in fashion, beauty, portrait photography and successfully work with both adults and kids, professional models and people without modeling experience. 

Anna currently resides in Bergen County New Jersey. As much as she loves being a photographer, Anna enjoys traveling,  welcoming people into her beautiful home and cooking for family and friends. 


For inquiries, please email

Anna's Studio

Cresskill, NJ 07626

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